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Since returning in September, lots of things have changed for us here at WCF nursery. We recognise that times have been very difficult for everyone and advice and information regarding the virus can be confusing. Below are some FAQ's and helpful information which will hopefully provide you with an insight into how our nursery is currently being run to keep all of our families and staff as safe as possible throughout these difficult times.

What is being done to make sure my child is safe?

We are doing absolutely everything we can to make sure that our nursery children are safe. This includes;

  • Antibacterial hand washing upon entering the building for staff and children

  • Regular hand washing intervals throughout the session and before lunch and snack times.

  • Adult served snack times to prevent cross contamination

  • Disinfecting the play room at the end of each session with resources being swapped and replaced.

  • Using an antiviral fogging machine to help clean and disinfect the whole nursery.

  • Staff wash their hands regularly and wear masks, gloves and aprons to change children in nappies.

As a parent, am I allowed inside the building to settle my child or to look around as a prospective parent?

Currently we ask parents to drop their children off at the main entrance to the building where they will be collected by a member of staff. Staff members must wear face masks and visors during this time. 

Prospective parents are welcome to come and visit the setting but an appointment must be made by phoning or emailing the nursery. These visits take place once nursery children have gone home.

What can I be doing with my child if they have to stay home and self isolate?

Our nursery planning is available to look at for activity ideas to do with your child if they have to stay home and self-isolate under the 'Learning this Term' tab in the menu bar. You'll also find a range of activities and helpful resources to look at on our 'learning at home' page which you will find in the menu also.

If my child develops Covid symptoms what should I do?

Keep your child at home and get tested as soon as possible. Phone the nursery to keep us informed over the result of the nursery must close if a child who attends has tested positive for Covid 19.  

My child has a cold but it is not thought to be Covid related. Can they still come to nursery?

 We’ve asked parents not to send children into nursery if they are unwell or have a high temperature and we will send children home if they

develop a high temperature throughout the day.

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