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All About Us

Wavertree Christian Fellowship Nursery and pre-school is a not for profit voluntary organisation operating under the Christian ethos of Wavertree Christian Fellowship church and governed by the church trustees. Allow us to share a little bit about ourselves...


Our Aims...

The aim of Wavertree Christian Fellowship nursery and pre-school is to provide fully inclusive, affordable, high quality childcare in a safe and happy environment. We are a Christian nursery governed by the trustees of Wavertree Christian Fellowship Church, although we welcome children and families from any faith into the setting.


At the start of each day the children may join in a short prayer or song prior to registration to give thanks for the day.



All children are treated as individuals regardless of race, religion or ability. Children are encouraged to learn through play and reach their full potential by becoming involved in the full range of activities on offer everyday. Children are treated as individuals and planned for accordingly. We also carry out a 'shake-up Wake-up' each morning to encourage children to be active and to get them energized for the day ahead.


Our Philosophy is closest to that of Friedrich Froebel who said that ‘play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul’.


Good personal and social skills are encouraged through daily routines, along with Communication and Language, literacy, Maths, Expressive arts and design, understanding the world and physical development.



Working Hours

Monday      8.30am - 12.30pm

Tuesday      8.30am - 4pm

Wednesday  8.30am - 4pm

Thursday     8.30am - 4pm

Friday        8.30am - 4pm



WCF Nursery offers nine sessions per week and operates under school term times.





Click here to view our latest OFSTED report




Early Years Pupil Premium 

The Early Years pupil premium came into effect on 1st April 2015 as is paid termly (in arrears). The allocation is based on an extra 53p per hour per eligible child. It is aimed at helping the most disadvantaged children. How the provider chooses to spend this funding is up to them, but they must be able to demonstrate how they are spending it and what difference it will make to those children. 

Academic Year 2021/2022

The last payment of EYPP was paid in the Spring Term (2021/2022). At this time there was 6 eligible children and their pro rata payment in total was £120.84. From April 2022 this payment will increase to £136.80. 

"The pursuit of excellence in all of the setting activities is demonstrated by an uncompromising, highly successful and well documented drive to strongly improve achievement or maintain the highest levels of achievement, for all children over a sustained period of time" (OFSTED 2015).  As such, this amount has been used to enhance the salary of our QT to retain their services. This will ensure that quality experiences and activities provided by highly qualified staff will improve the quality of provision and in turn improve outcomes for the specific children. 



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