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Meet the Staff

The staff at Wavertree Christian Fellowship Nursery & Pre School are committed to ensuring that each and every child under their watchful care and supervision develop socially, emotionally and spiritually. We put the interests and values of the children at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that the children enjoy, achieve and succeed throughout their continuous development. Allow us to introduce ourselves...

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Bev Stephenson

Bev Stephenson is the Nursery Manager and leads a team of staff and volunteers to ensure smooth running of the group. Bev has a first class BA Hons degree in Early Years Management she also has a foundation degree, NVQ Level 3 in childcare and education and a diploma in playgroup practice. Bev has been at WCF since 1992 when she started as a play leader, she then progressed to pre-school keyworker and deputy manager and was appointed manager in 1999. As well as being manager Bev is joint Safeguarding Coordinator and Health and Safety Coordinator.

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Kim Fishgold

Kim Fishgold is deputy manager of the group and has a first class BA Hons degree in Early Years Management. She also holds a foundation degree, NVQ Level 3 in Childcare and Education and certificates in classroom support and computer skills. Kim started working at Wavertree Christian Fellowship in 1996 as a volunteer. She then became a play worker and a keyworker and in 1999 was appointed Deputy Manager. Kim is joint Safeguarding Coordinator and undertakes managerial duties and treasurers duties. Kim also ensures that staff and children understand daily routines and is the key person for the kittens key group. 

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Denise Evans


Denise is room leader and supervises the running of the main playroom. She joined the nursery in 1996 as a volunteer and progressed to play worker, Keyworker, Senco, and room leader. Denise is Qualified in childcare and education at NVQ Level 3 and is the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). If you have any concerns about your child or are concerned about your child’s development Denise will be happy to chat with you and advise you as to what next step to take and the levels of support available. She is passionate about her work and has been awarded SEN childcare worker of the year in the past. Denise is also key person to the Lions group and helps to ensure that they reach their early learning goals while having fun.

Janine Kelly


Janine started working at nursery as a volunteer and completed her NVQ level 2 qualification in 2017. She is currently completing her NVQ level 3 award in childcare. Currently Janine is the key person for the kittens key group and helps to plan exciting learning opportunities as well as assessing their learning and development. 


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Maria Liggett


Maria Liggett is the playworker for the kittens and ensures that the children cover all areas of development through play. At this age children are encouraged to develop their language and social skills by chatting, taking turns and learning to share, as well as good manners and good hygiene practice. Maria Joined the nursery 1995 and is a very committed member of staff. She is qualified in play work up to level 2, and has NVQ Level 2 in childcare. Maria cares for all the children in her group and ensures they reach their full potential and that every child is treated as an individual and learns at their own pace.


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Gill Sheahan


Gill started her apprenticeship in 2016 and completed her NVQ level 3 qualification soon after. Gill currently works as the key person for the Panthers and works hard to plan and implement fun and stimulating activities that help the children in the group to learn and thrive! 


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Tom Stephenson


Tom Stephenson is our Early Years Teacher and Keyperson for the Tigers and Kittens. Tom graduated in 2012 and has completed his NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) year in early years. We are pleased to have him on board for the foreseeable future. Tom volunteered at the nursery for many years and took up a part time position during his university studies. He was appointed full time Early Years coordinator and teacher in September 2012.

Tom’s degree is in fine art and teaching. He is very creative in his approach to teaching and children in his group enjoy fun filled activities and are treated as individuals while being encouraged through their interests to reach their learning goals.


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