Learning at Home

We have compiled a list of various activities and helpful resources that you and your child can access to continue their learning and development over school holidays, weekends, periods of illness or in case they are forced to self isolate at home. The nursery planning is also available to access at any time under the Learning this term page.

7 Days, Many WaysA PDF file loaded with activity ideas that you can carry out with your child. 

Oxford Owl- An online resource full of stories that you can read through with your child. 

Making Playdough- Follow our play dough recipe and make loads of it at home with your child! 

We’ve asked parents not to send children into nursery if they are unwell or have a high temperature and will send children home if they


develop a high temperature throughout the day. We are in the process of getting a fogging machine that disinfects every room to take extra precautions. Staff wear masks when opening the door to parents or for deliveries.




We are not having any extra visitor at the moment.


In the next week or so we may have to stagger start and finish times for children but I will let you know if we do have to.

Our nursery planning is available to look at for activity ideas to do with your child if they have to stay home and self-isolate under the 'Learning this Term' tab in the menu bar. You'll also find a range of activities and helpful resources to look at on our 'learning at home' page which you will find in the menu also.

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